Relational and Attachment Trauma

Relational and Attachment Trauma

An Introduction to Relational Development, Rupture and Repair, A Somatic Developmental Approach

This workshop focuses on how the physical body is involved with the development of attachment and bonding in infancy and relational rupture, and how it can be utilized in relational repair with couples.  We will look at an integration of sensory motor development, aspects of several theoretical and clinical models of attachment and their commonalities with Somatic Experiencing® and polyvagal theory.  There will be a role-play demo of somatic couples work and experiential exercises with an emphasis on the ongoing implicit or non-verbal communication that drives relationships.  This workshop is open to psychotherapists, bodyworkers, trauma practitioners and others who are interested in relational and attachment work. The workshop will be oriented towards all therapist.


  • Datum: Zaterdag 31 Augustus 2019
  • Uur: 10u – 18u
  • Prijs: 165 €
    • Inclusief koffie, thee, water, kleine versnapering en syllabus
    • indien samen met de intro SE gevolgd: 290 € voor beiden
    • Betaling via KMO portefeuille mogelijk (vanaf mei)
  • Lesgever: Dave Berger (United States)
  • Locatie: Vergaderzaal Kop van Kessel-Lo, Leuvensestraat 18, 3010 Leuven
  • Voertaal: Engels. Waar nodig zal er vertaald worden naar het Nederlands


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